We Buy Accident Damaged Cars


10 Giveaway signs of an accident damaged car.

Take a look at the number plate. If the car has been smashed front or back, the number plate could have been cracked. A body retailer will incessantly have a brand new one made up with their identify in small lettering on the bottom. Now not all the time the case, however value a glance.

Test the boot ground for damage. Lift up the boot mat and try the boot ground and spare wheel neatly. If it appears adore it’s been crumpled and straightened out then it is going to had been in a crash at some point.

three. PAINT WORK 
Search for differences in paint color between the panels. If the car has had a bad repair there is also an evident distinction in color between two adjoining panels. The end will also be dull and the panel appears to be like quite lumpy if the filler hasn’t been sanded down correctly.

Good repairs can be tougher to identify since the physique keep must mix the colour of the repaired panel into an undamaged panel. One caveat is that the color of the bumpers will regularly seem fairly completely different to the rest of the physique. That is on account of the adaptation in the best way the paint takes to plastic and metallic. On some vehicles, this may follow if they’ve plastic entrance wings.

Take a look at rubber seals for overspray. A car which is been badly masked up before painting may have paint spray on the rubber window seals. Take a look at the door and boot seals too.

Panel gaps. Check the gaps between the panels are uniform, as replacement panels will have been badly fitted.

Open and shut all of the doorways, the boot and the bonnet. If you need to slam any of them to get them to shut correctly, it generally is a signal they’ve been refitted one day as a result of an accident repair.

The suspension geometry may work out of alignment in a car which is been smashed up, so test all 4 tyres for indicators of uneven tyre put on. Keep in mind that uneven tyre put on could also be a symptom of one thing much less severe, just like the tracking being out or wheels out of stability. That is simply remedied, however may name into query how smartly the car has been maintained.

eight. WELDING. 
Peer beneath the car and search for a welding joint throughout the width of the floor pan. Should you see the rest untoward, keep your chequebook firmly in your high pocket. It can be extremely conceivable that the auto you might be having a look at is one car constructed from two halves, referred to as a ‘reduce and shut’. It’ll be about as structurally sound as a bomb shelter produced from blancmange.

An abnormally massive sunroof may also be an indication that the auto has a break up character. The large glass roof is used to hide the welding bodgery that’s gone on.

10. WINGS.
On some cars that you can peer throughout the wings whilst you open the front doorways. Search for indicators of filler or creased panels which have been smoothed over with filler on the skin. Every so often that you could inform the place the filler is by tapping along the length of the panel.